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Hi my name is Michaela, thanks to my mother’s influence throughout my childhood with alternative therapies and natural health, my interest has grown gradually throughout my adult life. Having a nurturing and caring personality, becoming a beauty therapist came naturally and has been a major stepping stone to where I am now. It’s given me the tools to look after the body and the skin in the best way possible. Now with more of a focus on natural and organic product use which ultimately is much kinder to our body’s system. Bowen And Beyond Micheala

There are many methods I’ve learnt that I incorporate with my current services such as aromatherapy, reflexology, Chinese face reading, ear chandelling etc. Along the way I was introduced to Bowen therapy which has grown to the point that it’s what I do most of the time.

My intrigue for Bowen Therapy began after my first session.  I was suffering severe back problems and shortly after I realized I was freely able to do things with ease that I hadn’t been able to do for months. I was thrilled and in absolute amazement that something so non-invasive could give such results.

In 2004 I began my training to become a Bowen Therapist. My initial training was through Bowtech (the original Bowen technique) and went on to gain a Diploma in Bowen Therapy through Border College of Natural Therapies

I have expanded my knowledge and awareness on energy healing and have integrated Reiki which works very well alongside of Bowen Therapy. I like that it has a lot of the same principals and yet is quite different. Reiki can be used as an alternative to Bowen or used in conjunction to the healing process.

I continue to constantly update my skills by regularly attending workshops and conferences so that I can give my best to each client. Seeing the positive results that come from the skills I have learned bring me so much joy and fulfillment to my life. I’m very excited to think about what the future will bring……could it be you!

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Qualification details

Diploma of Bowen Therapy
Bowen Therapy – Masters Classes (specialized procedures)
Bowen Therapy – specializing in Gynecological procedures
Diploma in Beauty Therapy
Reiki Training 1&2
Emmett Technique 1&2

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