All Conditions Bowen is Used For

What is Bowen Therapy used for?

Bowen therapy is all about activating the body’s own response to heal itself. There are really no limits to what Bowen can be used for.
It would be wonderful to think that we don’t need medication or surgery for certain illnesses and injury but this is not always possible.

I absolutely recommend that appropriate medical advice is always followed but my aim with the use of Bowen Therapy is to reduce this need where possible.

Here are just a few conditions where Bowen Therapy can bring great relief:

img_greentick Sporting/Accident and Occupational Injuries.
img_greentick Acute and chronic back pain.
img_greentick Spinal conditions.
img_greentick Sciatica.
img_greentick Bad Posture.
img_greentick Scoliosis.
img_greentick Neck conditions including whiplash.
img_greentick Headaches and Migraines.
img_greentick Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand conditions.
img_greentick Chronic overuse syndromes – tendonitis, RSI, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel.
img_greentick Leg, knee, ankle and foot conditions
img_greentick Arthritis.
img_greentick Pelvic imbalances.
img_greentick Jaw tension, teeth grinding.
img_greentick Hormonal problems (Menstrual, fertility & menopausal conditions).
img_greentick Pregnancy – pre/post natal complaints.
img_greentick New born baby – Crankiness, colic, vomiting, crying and not sleeping.
img_greentick Asthma/respiratory problems.
img_greentick Digestive and intestinal complaints/constipation
img_greentick Kidney/bladder & liver problems.
img_greentick Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia.
img_greentick Pain & dysfunction associated with stress & tension.
img_greentick Grounding and re-balancing.