Generally the session goes for about an hour. Some people may need less time and others maybe longer.

Every person has different needs and no treatment is the same.

Clothes can be kept on, although some moves are better working straight on the skin. It is best to wear light, comfortable clothing.

Please avoid wearing clothing made out of slippery (e.g. silk, satin or lycra) or thick (denim, corduroy or leather) material, as it effects the quality of the Bowen moves.

A Bowen session is usually done on a massage bed but can be done while seated in a chair.

The session starts with the client laying face down on a massage bed and during the treatment the client will be asked to rollover onto their back for the remainder of the treatment.

When a client is too frail or is in pain with restricted movement the moves can be made while the client is either sitting or standing.

Initially I recommend 3 treatment sessions over a three week period spaced one week apart.

Depending on the nature and severity of the condition and also how the body is responding, further Bowen sessions may be required.

The effect of a Bowen treatment can give instant relief. The process of healing that needs to take place within the body depends on the individual.

A Bowen treatment continues to process after the session for up to 5-10 days therefore it can take a few days to register an improvement.

Treatments spaced 7 days apart is the most ideal but can be anywhere between 5 and 10 days since your last Bowen treatment.

In a situation where you re-injure yourself between your suggested appointment times, please seek an earlier appointment as soon as possible.

Having early treatment will help overcome the injury as quickly as possible and rapid recovery.

Bowen Therapy is extremely safe. With the gentle moves of the Bowen work, there is no manipulation of bones or massaging of muscles and through an individual assessment an appropriate personalized treatment can be given.

Therefore Bowen therapy is an appropriate, gentle and effective technique that is safe to do on ANYONE, including throughout pregnancy, on new born babies, the frail and the elderly, with any condition from sports injuries to chronic complaints and for optimal health and wellbeing.

I request that you leave a 5-day gap either side of a Bowen treatment to allow the Bowen to do its work.

For the purpose of an effective Bowen treatment and for the body to gain rapid results it is best to avoid mixing up your treatment modalities (e.g. massage, physio, chiro etc) as it can confuse and overload the body.

There are several health funds that will give a rebate back on your Bowen treatment.

As there are varying levels and packages of health cover offered by the funds, you should check with your own fund to determine if you are covered, and how much can be claimed.

As the body continues to balance after your Bowen treatment, I always suggest;

• You increase or maintain a good level of WATER intake after a Bowen session as this hydrates the muscles and aids the change within the body.

• Light exercise is another great way to allow the body to balance and make changes e.g. a 20 minute walk. It is important to avoid;

• massaging an achey area after a Bowen treatment

• using ice on an area after a Bowen treatment

• using heat packs or creams an area after a Bowen treatment

• Sitting for long periods.

If you need to go back to the office or drive, stop every 30 minutes and have a break and a small walk around. This is important (especially in the first 24 hours) because we do not want to hinder the natural process of healing the body goes through after the Bowen.

Remember that changes are still happening even when you leave from your treatment session. Allow your body the chance to restore itself and you will gain the best results.