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Michaela is a skilled practitioner who is dedicated to providing solutions for people when their body has restricted movement, is in pain or has ill health through the use of the Bowen Therapy Technique.

Bowen therapy is a dynamic and skilful remedial technique used to treat pain and discomfort of the body. It has been known to treat thousands of people from around the globe suffering from a variety of illnesses and physical complaints.

A Bowen treatment is gentle, non-invasive and consists of small but precise rolling type moves with the thumbs or fingers. After a sequence of moves the practitioner may pause and step away from the body or even leave the room to allow the body to process the moves and respond effectively. These moves activate the bodies own healing ability enabling incredible results.

A Bowen treatment is not limited to the presenting physical problem but extends to the emotional, cognitive and spiritual aspects of the individual.

Substantial relief is frequently attained after the session, with most people requiring only two to four treatments, usually one week apart, to resolve their problem.

Bowen is suitable to be used on all ages from new born babies to the very elderly, from the fit and active to the critically ill.


Recipients of Reiki receive an uplift in energy to the body’s system, creating balance, clarity and relaxation. The session is for one hour and is an ideal technique of placing hands on the body to promote healing from pain, illness, emotional challenges, stress and anxiety.

Clients who come to visit Michaela can be assured that she will address your concerns with an effective treatment in a gentle and compassionate manner giving you a totally personalised service in a relaxed and stress-free environment. It is a credit to her work that the majority of Michaela’s clients are recommended to her via word of mouth.

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