Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund

The 27th October 2002 marked the twentieth anniversary of Tom Bowen’s passing. On that date, a monument to his honor was unveiled in Geelong West Park in Geelong, Victoria, the town in which Bowen developed and practiced the work that is often called The Bowen Technique.

The bronze sculpture depicts two hands holding a sphere. The hands represent the healing hands of Tom Bowen, open and giving. The open sphere symbolises the worldwide acceptance and practice of his technique, the resting head of the client, and the six students Bowen affectionately called his “boys”. The bronze is 50 cm in height; the hands are slightly larger than life-size. Memorial text and a sketch of Tom Bowen are etched into a stainless steel plaque embedded in the granite base on which the bronze is mounted.

The Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to provide an ongoing source of funds for children with disabilities, to improve their quality of life. These are the kinds of children that Tom Bowen treated without charge throughout his 26 years of practice. The funds will be used to purchase, e.g., electronic and mechanical aids for enhancing the children’s mobility and ability to communicate.

How you can contribute:

Contributions are welcome from Bowen practitioners and members of the public who have experienced the benefits of Tom’s work. There are several options:

Via your Bowen Therapist:

Place your contribution (either cash or a cheque payable to “The Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund”) in the specially marked tin. On a regular basis, your practitioner will empty the tin and transfer the total to the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund.

By mail:

a cheque in Australian dollars payable to:
“The Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund”
20 Bonnyvale Rd, Ocean Grove, VIC 3226,